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ISM: a book of poetry by Antoine Boyce 

Preface by: Corzell Cole

     Antoine Boyce’s “Ism” is and extraordinary depiction of the realities faced by Black Americans all over this country. His poetry expresses the emotional outcry of an entire race that is muffled by the systems of oppression.


     Boyce is unfiltered, with his spoken word poetry he touches the hearts of those directly affected by social injustices, as well as those that may not have experienced those injustices first hand. He talks about everything from contemporary politics to racism. The pain echoes through the pages, as the realities of our circumstances become more apparent to the outside world.


     With the intellect of a philosopher and the compassion of an activist, he touches on subjects that the rest of the world turns a blind eye too. “Ism” is a must read, and encourages readers/listeners to pass this book on so that others can become enlightened though the unique poetry of Antoine Boyce.

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